Different Property Searches In 2020

Monday, January 11, 2021

We all know 2020 was a unique and challenging year, and it led to many different things happening.

At Stones Residential, we are predominantly focused on the London housing market, especially in and around Stanmore. We know the market was significantly impacted by the leading events of the year.

We worked closely with many local buyers and vendors. This has helped us develop an awareness of what support people are looking for.

We also stay in touch with the latest market research and findings. If you want to know what happened last year (in the housing market), and you are keen to make an informed decision in 2021, we are here to assist you.

Buyers were looking for different features in a new home

Information provided by Good Move offers insight into what buyers were looking for, and how this differs from previous years.

The searches which experienced the highest growth compared to the previous year are as follows:

• Apartment with balcony (147%)

• Apartment with hot tub (139%)

• House with tennis court (127%)

• House with swimming pool (109%)

• House with driveway (107%)

Functionality became even more important for property buyers

Other increases worth paying attention to are functional searches. There was a 106% increase in searches for a driveway, a 101% increase with respect to conservatories and there was a 77% increase in searches for a double garage.

Property types in demand

Searches for “2-bedroom house for sale” rose by 64% compared to the 2019 figures. Searches for “2-bed house for sale” rose by 47% compared to the previous years’ figures.

Nima Ghasri, Director at Good Move, comments: “Against all odds, this year has positively impacted the UK housing market and completely transformed the way buyers and sellers look at properties. More and more people are moving away from flats and apartments and into homes with outdoor space, and we’ve also seen many people looking to move away from cities into more rural areas.”

Nima Ghasri also said; “As we approach the New Year, we wanted to look back on the year in property search and reveal what potential buyers were actually looking for this year. It’s interesting to see that they have been searching for more luxurious features such as a swimming pool and tennis court, no doubt due to the increase of time spent at home and leisure facilities closing due to the pandemic. It’s also fascinating to see the areas where people are searching for properties the most, with South-East and Northern England the two hotspots. As we move into 2021, we look forward to seeing how the property market adapts to buyer’s needs.”

Whatever your circumstances are, or what move you would like to make next; we are here for you. Stones Residential prides itself on offering the best standard of service to our clients, and we work hard to help you achieve your property goals. If you would like to arrange an appointment or get more details on how we can help you sell your property, contact us today online or by calling us on 020 8954 0045.