How to make a living room stand out

Monday, January 11, 2016

How to make a living room stand out

First impressions mean a lot, particularly for tenants visiting what could potentially be their new home. If you are striving to make your rental property look for attractive for prospective tenants, improving the look and design of the living room is likely to be an invaluable move. Take a look at the following ways you can make a living room stand out.

Utilise Wall Accents

Creating an accent is a rather fancy term for decorating one wall or even just a portion of a wall with patterned wallpaper in contrast to the rest of the room. Such an accent on a wall can work wonders for the perceived warmth of a room. Go the extra mile by choosing a pattern with colours that brings out other colours in the room, such as those of the couch or a prominent lampshade.

Provide Texture in All-White Rooms

All-white rooms are very modern and can look amazing when done correctly. To do it correctly though, you need to add plenty of different textures to the space so it doesn’t appear too clinical like a hospital room. Rugs, crocheted throws and rough-hewn cushions are excellent additions that help add texture depth.

Balance Red Walls

Red is another popular colour to decorate a living room with thanks to its warmth. However, you don’t want to go overboard with such a strong colour. White is perfect to counter-balance the red, so match your red walls with white skirting, curtains and even look to add a white coffee table or seats.

Keep it Light

If you want to have lots of furniture in your living room but worry about overloading the space until it feels too crowded, then go for items such as an open-weave coffee table and light-coloured chairs. Also try and keep the wall around the window clear as this will give the illusion of space even if the rest of the room is filled with furniture.

Create an Entry Area

If your front door opens directly into your living room, then use a couple of chairs or a wall-dividing shelving unit to create a corridor leading from the door into the main living room space. Different wallpaper lining the entry area also helps, and a rug as the centrepiece around which you arrange your main living room furniture will finish it off perfectly.